Capture everything

When only the best will do

Laser scanning is the most efficient way to capture all of your site data. Get millimeter accuracy and reduce human error to start off any project on the right foot. 


Save Money

  • Reduce unnecessary trips to site by visiting them remotely.

  • Bring remote sites closer by visiting them virtually.

  • Check clearances and take measurements from the office.

  • Reduce mistakes by working with up-to-date and accurate information

  • Keeps plants up and running by not having to shut down equipment.

  • 3D information helps in clash detecting.


Improve Safety

  • Keep people off the roads by reducing the need to go to site.

  • Reduce the need to enter confined spaces.

  • Keep out of hazardous areas.

  • Limit the amount of people who are unfamiliar with the site. 


Save Time

  • Spend less time on site.

  • Take measurements from the office.

  • Eliminate multiple trips to site.

  • Bring project team up to speed faster on site conditions.


What you get

You  get to choose from a variety of deliverables such as:

  • Point Cloud files compatible with most CAD software.

  • Access to point clouds via web browser for easier sharing and collaborating.

  • Orthophotos of areas needed to be traced in CAD.

  • 360 jpg images of scanning locations.


Improve Collaboration

  • Dealing with a single source of information

  • Share information easier across different disciplines and offices.

  • Use browser-based applications to collaborate with the project team.

  • Use annotation tools to convey site information. 


What you need to know

Laser scanners are not perfect. There are no laser scanners out there that offer perfect accuracy even in a perfect environment. Environmental factors and different types of surfaces also affect the accuracy of these devices. Click on the "Learn More" button for more information on accuracy.

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Recieve Quote

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Field Work

Once we receive a purchase order, we will proceed with the laser scanning field and office work. 




We will send you a link to a shared folder where you will be able to download all laser scanning files.